The passion of designing

Bolsos con Huella, my great personal commitment, is the brand that transmits my passion for life and things well done.

Since I was little I loved drawing and I enjoyed doing crafts, but over the years, I was leaving it aside. I finished my studies and began my professional career, but after several stages in different jobs that did not finish filling me, I felt that I had to recover my passion for design and creation.

It was not an easy decision, but once it was made, I wanted to make change my new way of life. I went back to studying, training with the best experts and being clear about what I wanted to do: create a brand of handmade bags, made in Spain, that paid the utmost attention to the details, the manufacturing process and the materials used. A brand of handbags for those who, like me, know how to appreciate things well done.

The name was clear to me, Con Huella is a tribute to my dogs: I wanted a brand that would transmit strength and loyalty. Each of the bags is dedicated to the most important women of my life, women who have left and continue to leave their mark on me. And of course, there is a space dedicated to them, to my guys

After this introduction, I can only thank my family, my friends, my Raúl and my great friend, who unknowingly helped me taking my big decision.

And you, who are now reading these lines, thank you for your trust and interest. I am sure that you will appreciate everything that Bolsos con Huella transmits through its collection of handmade bags made in Spain. Do you want to come and discover it?


Big Bags

Everything gets in

Small Bags

For the essentials

Rustic Bags

Craftsmanship lovers

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